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Jo Georgeson

I'm a Graduate of Computer Science from The University of Manchester.



University of Manchester




"Embed" Extensions:

Nov 2023 - Dec 2023

In November of 2023, as an experiment to teach myself how to create browser extensions, I asked my friends what small thing bugs them about their browsing experience, and the answer i got back was that they hated having to retype their URLs in Discord due to embedding issues, and was common with Twitter/X and TikTok. I found an old extension that did something very similar, but now is non-functioning. Changes in Twitter's structure caused the extension to cease working. I figured out the faults present in the program, fixed it and added new features of my own. I also applied this to TikTok, making it just that bit easier for my friends to share the posts they found on those sites.

Final Year Project: Visual Odometry Evaluation and Experimentation

Sept 2022 - May 2023

During my 3rd Year at University, my final project was to create a program that explores Visual Odometry, and experiments with different approaches and their properties. Its intended as an introduction for both myself and the reader to the topic, since its a deeply researched area that my course at the time barely explored.

SoC Course: Implementing 2D Graphics on an FPGA

Sept 2022 - Dec 2022

In my final year at University, we were tasked with displaying 2D graphics on a monitor using an FPGA. This consisted of developing a test harness, testing an isolated, self-designed unit, integrating the self-designed unit into a larger system, and synthesising the final model onto an FPGA. This was done through a combination of Verilog, use of Cadence software, and tweaking Registry values during testing.

Animation and Rigging Experiments

Mar 2021 - Ongoing

While working on my University Projects and Courses, to find something to distract from the work given in downtime, I dedicated myself to learning more about lighting and animation techniques in 3D modelling software. I chose Blender to explore this in, and I've been working on this project for years now in the background. This has given me the opportunity to teach myself how to create driver-based controls to manipulate rigs in blender, through Python scripting.

Software Engineering Course: Bug Fixing and Feature Implementation

Sept 2021 - May 2022

During my 2nd Year of University, I was assigned with a group of other students to develop for an open source 2D MMO called 'Stendhal.' It entailed of navigating a large, unfamiliar codebase, familiarising ourselves with its structure in a short timeframe before fixing existing bugs in the repo and implementing new features based on existing mechanics within the game's code.

Unity 2D Platformer

Sept 2019 - Apr 2020

During my time at College, I developed a 2D Platformer in Unity, using a procedurally generated map. This project was done entirely in C#. It features a Save System, dynamic AI pathing and heavily makes use of polymorphism and inheritance in C# for the "Enemy" class structure.

Programming Languages